Alayna Cole

Becoming Wild

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Alayna Cole’s unconventional memoir weaves research and stories about witchcraft, marginalisation, diet culture, hysteria, phytochemistry, home appliances, tarot cards, herbal medicine, neurodivergence, chronic illness, and the Moon to give insight into how we can each find our unique way of becoming wild.

Now is the only moment that we can tangibly influence, as individuals and as a society. Technology is evolving exponentially. Human rights are also arguably better than they have ever been. Despite the unprecedented nature of this moment, however, history repeats itself. Amnesty International found in its 2022-23 report that human rights are being eroded globally, with increases in global conflict and war crimes, double standards of wealthy nations regarding issues like health care and refugees, and legislation impacting people’s access to medical abortion or ability to seek gender reaffirming care. Scientific advancement, technology, and global connectivity has completely transformed what it means to be human—like sand that has melted into glass. We have been displaced from the natural world we once inhabited, instead becoming caged by the guilt and shame that we often feel for choosing to be ourselves. But just as glass can return to the ocean and be reshaped by the tides into something magical, we can choose to reconnect with the cycles of the Earth, rediscover our history, and reimagine ourselves. When we are taught to think and behave in particular ways, it can feel rebellious—or wild—to pause, reflect, and dare to question that reality

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Becoming Wild: Essays on self and society


Nonfiction, sociology, memoir
Author Alayna Cole



Published on

March 18, 2024






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