Wallea Eaglehawk & Keryn Ibrahim

Love Yourself

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Inspired by BTS’ message of “love yourself, speak yourself” Love Yourself features 10 essays on self-love, care and healing from contributors around the world. According to BTS, to be human is to love; humans are love in physical form. Both BTS and their fans, ARMY, were created, and remain continuously united in love. The love that BTS speak of is complex and nuanced at times, but also can transcend cultural, language, and physical barriers. Love is BTS’ call to action. They ask of us to learn to love ourselves and to warmly embrace others in whatever way we can.

Amongst the pages of this book you will find a range of experiences and stories that share universal themes and truths. Some may be familiar to you, some may be new. These essays are not about BTS even as all the contributors are ARMY and have been deeply influenced by the group and fandom alike. These essays are personal accounts of the writers’ lives that are linked to socio-cultural-political analyses and understandings for further context and, perhaps, to provide the reader with tools for understanding their own journey, too. Each essay provides a heartfelt examination of self-love as a journey, a work in progress.

This is your call to action. It has two words, three syllables, and twelve letters. Love yourself. Say it out loud right now as you read it and you might be confused, because what exactly does it mean to love yourself? But say it while looking at yourself in the mirror with unwavering eye contact, and perhaps you’ll start to understand what adventure is afoot. Perhaps you’re already in the thick of it. Either way, it can’t hurt to say it. Once more, for the sake of art:

Love yourself.


Two words, three syllables, twelve letters: Introducing Love Yourself Wallea Eaglehawk
A dichotomy of passion Jasmine Proctor
The broken vase theory Gabrielle S. Punzalan
Doses of self-acceptance Rashifa Aljunied
(Re)writing my life as an Asian American Devin Barney
From tear to answer Brunna Martins
Drawing Spaces Cindy Nguyen
Facing myself Jacinta Bos
The empty canvas Raneem Iftekhar
Wavering journey of self-love Destiny Harding
Following my footsteps home Shelley Hoani
On resilience and hope: Love yourself Keryn Ibrahim

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Love Yourself


Essays on self-love, care and healing inspired by BTS
Genre Nonfiction, anthology, essays


Wallea Eaglehawk & Keryn Ibrahim



Published on

May 13, 2021






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