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Queerly Ever After (eBook)

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Queerly Ever After is a bold reimagining of classic fairy tales. Based on tales from the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, Queerly Ever After takes us on a journey that explores plurisexuality, the fluidity of gender and identity, as well as the multiplicity of queerness. Join your favourite characters and experience their worlds, and lives, with a queer twist. 


When I was young, I was taught happiness was defined by whether the princess finds a prince to marry by the end of her tale. In fact, her tales weren’t really hers at all—princesses were nameless, voiceless characters who fulfilled a role and taught a moral.

The fairy tales I read in my formative years left little room for grey areas and fluidity— genders were binary, gender roles were discrete, and sexuality was unexplored. As I matured and found more diverse stories, they still rarely engaged with the spaces between the binaries; I gradually learned that man–woman relationships were not the only option, but I was not exposed to the rainbow of alternatives until much later in life.

Queerly Ever After is a collection of short stories written for the bisexual girl who grew up uncertain, without words to describe her identity. It’s for the bisexual teenager who did not have stories in which to explore her sexuality. It’s for me, years ago. And for the me who is yet to come.” — Alayna Cole, Queerly Ever After

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Queerly Ever After


Queer literature, fairy tales
Author Alayna Cole



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December 3, 2021